2:30pm – There appears to be some network issues affecting connectivity into our server golf.professionalbydesign.com.au – any client accounts located on that server will be having problems accessing their websites and emails whilst this issue is occurring. We’ve reported the issue to our upstream provider, and once we have more information to report, we’ll post it here.

2:34pm – We have received the following update from our upsteam provider:

Investigating – Be advised our network is currently experience issues.

This is impacting connectivity to all services on our infrastructure.

We are treating this issue as priority one and are actively investigating.

Further updates will be provided in approx 60 minutes.
Jan 1, 14:34 AEDT

Note that as a result of this update, we have expanded the alert to include our other server located in the same data centre, alpha.professionalbydesign.com.au, which may be experiencing the same issues.

3:15pm – Services appear to be back to normal now. We have received the following update from our upstream provider:

Monitoring – A large attack has been detected on our network and technicians have taken action to stop it. We will continue to monitor closely and provide an update within 4 hours.
Jan 1, 15:07 AEDT

We will provide any further updates to this post as they are available.