7:15pm – There appears to be a data centre issue affecting the servers that are located in one of our data centres – this affects the servers delta & hotel. All services on these servers are currently unavailable – this includes websites and emails.

As soon as we have an update from the data centre on the issue and the likely time to resolve, we’ll post an update here. Our apologies for the disruption to service.

7:30pm – Our service provider has posted the following update:

Sydney Network partial outage
Investigating – We are currently investigating this issue.
Dec 11, 19:29 AEDT

This indicates a network issue within the datacentre, rather than any issues with our servers. Once the issue is resolved, access to the servers should be restored. We’ll continue to post updates as we have them. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

8:20pm – All services are restored

Tuesday 15th December 10:00am – We have discovered a related issue affecting the hotel server only, when the server was restarted, the IP address associated with outgoing email wasn’t associated correctly. This means that outgoing email since Friday night has been queued for delivery. This has now been rectified, and all queued mail has been delivered. We have taken steps to ensure this cannot happen again.