There was scheduled maintenance at the data center hosting one of our servers from 11pM – Midnight on 30th June 2013. Unfortunately that maintenance hasn’t gone to plan, and that server is still unavailable at 6:30am on 1st July 2013. We have urgently contacted the data center to get an estimate on how long the continued outage may be so that we can make a decision on whether to move clients on that server to another server. This process takes a number of hours to occur, so we are trying to determine which process will be quicker. If we don’t have an update by 8AM AEST, we’ll begin the process of moving customers across to a different server. Our apologies for this downtime, it has been beyond our control, and we will be flagging it as a major issue with the data center once services are resumed.

Update: 8:30AM AEST – We are beginning to move customers across to one of our other servers. This process will take a couple of hours, and we’ll keep this page updated with the status.

Update #2: 9:50AM AEST – All clients have been moved across to our other servers. All websites and email should now be up and running without any issues . If you continue to have any issues, please let us know ASAP and we’ll look into it.